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FULL NAME: Armin Jusuframić

Armin Jusuframić (Yufka 52) is a music composer, sound designer, and audio engineer whose portfolio includes international credits in video games, theater, short films, and artist productions. He is currently based in Zagreb, Croatia.Armin holds an associate's degree in Audio Engineering, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology. More relevant, however, are his 10+ years of experience as a gigging musician, and 5+ years as a professional music producer.

So far, his work has included orchestral music, trap, ambient, heavy metal, and various forms of electronica. The best results, however, are brought about by blending these (and other) styles into hybrid genres: desert trap, industrial orchestral, gothic electronica... there really are no boundaries.

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Cosmic Paradox: NoireVideo gameMusic & sound designAuto SlavićTBA
VodouVideo gameMusicJuju GamesTBA
Under NocturniaVideo gameMusic & additional sound designDifendo TeamTBA
Grimm SpaceVideo gameMusicGrimmethy McBonesTBA
Take ItMobile gameMusicTeam FrostwareTBA
Galactic StrikeVideo gameMusic & sound designAuto SlavićTBA
Total MinerVideo gameAdditional sound designStudio ForgeEarly Access
Alchemy SurvivalMobile gameMusicAjdin Bogućanin2023
Heal 'Em UpBrowser gameMusic & sound designK0ded2023
Pixel HellBrowser gameMusic & sound designTheAM2023
Globeheads AlphaBrowser gameMusic & sound designQAO2022
Siege ArcheryMobile gameMusicAjdin Bogućanin2021
Bračna terapijaTheater productionOrchestral arrangements & additional musicLuda Kuća Theater, Zagreb2020
Rast zlatne ribiceStudent filmSound design & additional musicAcademy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo2019
BitPunkMobile gameMusicBlackBureau Games2019
Bosnian BeautyTheater productionMusic & sound designSarajevo Youth Theater2019

Client Testimonials

High quality audio assets with exceptional attention to detail. Deep understanding of how sounds affect the player and what music is best suited for different kinds of experiences.

Ajdin Bogućanin
(Developer | Alchemy Survival)

We are more than pleased with the musical results Armin has provided for our debut mobile game. His devotion to his work made crafting the absolutely perfect soundtrack an easy and enjoyable process.

Black Bureau
(Developer | BitPunk)

When the time came to choose a composer for our play, Armin turned out to be the obvious choice. His knowledge of both classical and modern musical forms are what singled him out as a competent professional.

Berin Češkić
(Producer | Bosnian Beauty)

Definitely helped take our game to the next level. Really fast, courteous, and the kind of person you want to work with.

Team Frostware
(Developer | Take It)

Not only is Armin an exceptionally talented music composer, he is also a remarkable human being. With his endless optimism and creativity, no challenge will feel insurmountable.

Auto Slavić
(Developer | Galactic Strike)

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